What We Do

We Enable Banks To Co-Create, With FinTech Companies

Finocracy analyzes opportunities for banks to benefit from new technology solutions centered around connectivity, interactivity with customers, real-time decision making as well as automating and digitizing processes.

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Our footprint

USA    UAE     UK     Romania     Turkey     Bahrain      Saudi Arabia     Yemen    Palestine     Somalia     Tunisia    Egypt     Kenya    Pakistan     Bangladesh    Indonesia    Malaysia     Morocco    Qatar

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By 2020, we estimate that nearly 66% of the world will be connected to the Internet via their mobile phones.

That’s an additional 2-3 billion new consumers entering the digital financial space in OIC countries. 80% of these users will come from Islamic markets.

We are creating consumer impact solutions to develop a more resilient and healthy future consumer base.

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As it stands, the wider Shariah conscious market, stretching from the GCC to SE Asia, has a nascent Islamic FinTech sector.

With evolving macroeconomics, and demographic shifts towards a youthful population we are creating and defining the Islamic FinTech industry.

Our work catalyses the development of FinTech and its subsequent adoption, investment and growth.

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We are facilitating the connectivity between ethical capital, entrepreneurial talent and economic opportunities by acting as a key bridge between big ideas and big businesses.

Through leveraging the resources of strategic partners we ensure initiatives have maximum public and economic impact.

This generates appropriate economic, social and financial returns for all in an ethical manner.

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