Democratizing Access to Finance & Opportunity in an ever-changing, hyper-connected world

At Finocracy, we blend ethics and finance with technology to enable the world’s leading organizations to develop intelligent, human-centric impact solutions.

We are working with the world’s best inter-governmental organisations.

“When We See Opportunity, We Build”

Finocracy connects burgeoning opportunities with innovative thought leadership to develop holistic solutions. With our mission to democratize access to financial and economic opportunity, we have taken a lead to create change in a number of sectors; positioning Islamic Fintech to solve the world’s most pressing issues.

Fintech & Product Development

Increasing access to finance at all levels of society through:

  • Building end-to-end, technology-driven scalable solutions
  • Incorporating the latest trends in FinTech: blockchain, psychometrics and crowdfunding
  • Developing cutting-edge solutions to augment linkage with the Islamic Finance Industry


Enabling leading organizations amidst shifting global financial and economic dynamics by:

  • Strategically advising corporates looking to become FinTech enabled
  • Aligning multi-laterals and institutions to inform policy and decision making
  • Providing Islamic FinTech training for public and private institutions

Finocracy Labs

A set of innovative and demand driven FinTech programmes:

  • Creating ecosystem clusters to promote Islamic FinTech sectorial strength
  • Establishing a physical center point of the Global Islamic FinTech Ecosystem
  • Providing accelerator programmes to institutions and the public at large
Global Donors Forum in Istanbul seeks new humanitarian approach, improve perception of Muslims

Participants in the Global Donors Forum in Istanbul highlighted the need for larger burden-sharing to address humanitarian needs, and expanding media capacities for Muslims to improve the image of Islam on the second day of the forum, focusing on Islamic philanthropy

FINOCRACY and CH9 announce the 1st Global Islamic Fintech Hub

Finocracy announced Future Finance 2030, the 1st Global Islamic Fintech Hub, announced at SeedStars GCC, would be the focal point of the fast-growing Islamic Fintech space. The Fintech Hub will be at CH9.

New alliance to boost development of Islamic fintech for Muslim communities

A first-of-its-kind Islamic Fintech Alliance (IFT Alliance) says it wants to be the reference point for knowledge and advice, and facilitate business matching between investors and entrepreneurs to develop a Shariah-compliant fintech ecosystem.

Industry titans to keynote global Islamic finance event

Russia, being the latest entrant into this booming structure, is looking to use Islamic finance to further its efforts of exploring new ways of financing and develop its economy by welcoming international investors from emerging markets

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